Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prince in the Yukon

I have been spending the coldest part of the winter in the Yukon! I know, a frog in the Yukon, who would have thought! 

The Went Family have been fantastic hosts.  I have had a comfy place to sleep every night (in bed with a little boy named Cavan and once in a while with a bigger boy named Hunter).  I hang out in the living room a lot but even with the cold weather, I have still gotten out and about around town.  What fun adventures!  I am sure going to be sad to have to leave this fun family.  I think I will have to come back for a visit again.
Mrs. Went was the best host!  She always made sure I had good food to eat.

Hunter taught me a lot about trains.

Cavan introduced me to his friend Alex and we became best buddies!

One day I went to Kindergarten!!  I learned how to drink from a fountain.

I really loved school!

The kids taught me how to count.

They even showed me that slides are fun in winter!

But boy, it is sure cold up here!  Thankfully one of Hunter's teacher was able to keep me nice and warm.

I even got to meet some fun girls from Grade 1!

They had my favorite food!

Digging sure is fun.

Cavan liked to carry me around in his backpack.

I learned how to climb HUGE hills!

Look at me go!

I got a little adventurous and took a big fall.  Thankfully I was rescued!

On no!  Here I go down the hill again!

My buddy Alex showed me how to make footprints in the snow.

Wahoooo!!  Flying high into the Yukon sky!

Look at me goooooo!!!!

I learned that it is not good for frogs to eat yellow now.

I think I need a fur coat if I am ever going to visit the Yukon again!

Here I am resting on a Yukon in the Yukon!

Sleds are such a great way to travel!

Cavan and I going for a ride around the block.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From July 12, 2011

I must admit I have dropped the ball seriously on this. Well, the Prince is back and his travelling will soon start!

Here is the first post from his journal.

Yesterday I was jumping off the swing at Timberle, Nova Scotia. I had lots of fun jumping off of the swing also I got stuck up in the tree. Rebecca's gramma got the broom to help me down. She broke my two back legs then I had to get surgery a lot of times. I got a lot of pictures at Gramma's house and Rebecca's house. I had lots of fun! Sincerely, Prince Naveen.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan February 2011

Here I am with my buddy Joey.

I love to climb the trees with Colby!

I tried to steal the police truck but they caught me. The jail is very cold to sleep in.

Ile a la Crosse is a very pretty little town. Hopefully I will make it back one day.

Holy crap this ice was cold! I'm not use to being on ice!

Colby wasn't looking and I jumped in the driver's seat to take a quick spin around town.

Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon International Airport June 30 2011



My name is Prince Naveen. I originally started in Ile a la Crosse, Sk and it is my hope to travel to as many places and countries as I can.

Please help me travel the world. Enclosed you will find my travel camera, extra battery and charger. Please show me around your town and take lots of pictures.

When you are done, please return me back in the same box to

Tina Schwartz, Box 130 Ile a la Crosse, Sk S0M 1C0 Canada. Please write anything you like in my journal, but please write it from MY point of view. Your journal entries will be posted on my blog, along with pictures you take.

Have lots of fun with me, and maybe one day I will make it back to you.

Sincerely, Prince Naveen